If you did not know, you could use a leaf blower for snow for many useful things. This amazingly handy machine can be put to some good use if you just give it a thought. Yes, its name states that it is a leaf blower, and it can also shoot the snow back out from your garden, walkway or a porch but, there are other uses that it could be good for.

We are going to point out some of the ways how you can use this device. There are up to five alternative and good uses for a leaf blower for snow. There are much more, but these five are the most useful in your household. Of course, some people already know all the right uses but, many are unaware that this device could be much more than just a leaf blower.

Things You Would Never Think Of

Dry Your Car

For those who do not know, you can use a leaf blower for drying your car. No one wants water spots on or in your vehicle or blemishes on your car paint. Water evaporates leaving a residue on the surface. This happened when you did not take enough time for it to dry off. This is nothing that a leaf blower cannot take care of so, rest assured that those annoying water marks will be removed efficiently in no time. And the best thing about it is, a blower can do it fast as it can replace the blower that you can use when you take your car for a wash.

Clean Your Vents

Dryer vent cleaning can be a bit tricky. Most people would never even think of using a leaf blower for such an occasion but, they are greatly mistaken. This is a rather unconventional use for such a device but, a leaf blower is a good choice when you need to do some maintenance around your duct. It can unclog a vent and remove all the lint that builds up along with dust and dirt. This lint can cause a fire if overheated. The final results would be an overall improvement of your dryer’s efficiency.

Clear the Gutter With Ease

Blasting your gutter is almost the same thing as blowing out the lint from your dryer vent. With the dryer vent it is an inside job while with the gutter, you have to do it outside. A leaf blower blows out the cobwebs and dirt and tree gunk. This improves the water flow through the gutters and off of roofs. It is a good way to keep the water away from the foundation of your home too. Just take care when you go up the ladders.


Clears Snow Better Than a Shovel

We did mention that a leaf blower could be used for shooting back the snow out of your porch and to the street. Instead of picking up a shovel and get down to some hard work, you can take a morning walk with your leaf blower and just take care of all that snow that blocks your way. There is no need to spend hours on cleaning your porch or walkway, a leaf blower for snow will save you not only time but, the effort too.

For the first time, you will think of this obligation as fun instead of an annoying thing that you have to do because it is that season of the year. You can make some fun out of it with a little bit of positivity there. Instead of wasting hours on shoveling, you can now put some nice music in your ears and find your piece of mind while blowing all that snow back out of your property. If you have kids, you could let them do it while you take a rest.

Lay Wires Quickly and Easily

But this is not the end. The fifth use of a leaf blower for snow would be for laying wire. Even though it’s an unheard of method, a leaf blower is specialized for this. Threading wire through a long conduit can be a difficult work that takes an immense amount of time. Well, there is an outstandingly remarkable solution for this problem, the one that never even crossed your mind before! A leaf blower for snow can take care of it in the blink of an eye.

You will need a piece of a foamy material, the kind that is used for making of corks, sponges or ear plugs. After you attach it to the wire, place it in the conduit. Use your leaf blower for unspooling the cable on both ends and your job is done.

Think Of a Leaf Blower As Of The Universal Multi Practical Tool

If this was not a mind opening experience than you do not know your leaf blower full capacity at all. And these are all just some of the alternative uses for this exquisite household device. All over the net, you can find dozens of articles that are dealing with this kind of info. Instead of mounting all those tools in your garage, you can use just one device for so many intentions, which is always more than a good thing. This can be a multi practical tool indeed. All you have to do is have a little bit of imagination and time, to look up all the right uses for your leaf blower.

You do not need to think about working around your house as something that is extremely hard or annoying. You can turn it all into fun, and the best part is, a leaf blower will make you feel good about it, while you are at it. If your neighbors didn’t know about all these alternative uses, it is time to educate them as well. Spread the word, have a good time, do some useful work around your house and just enjoy while you are doing it. After all, that is the point of life. A leaf blower for snow is what you need.

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