Greenworks 24012 Review

greenworks 24012 leaf blower review

Overal Rating

  • Power
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Requires an extension cord for larger surfaces
  • 160 mph wind speed – if you have a large yard


  • MODEL: Corded electric leaf blower

  • WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds

  • DIMENSIONS: 17.3 x 7.3 x 9.8 inches

  • POWER: 7 amps


Buying a leaf blower can be a pretty complex task, especially because there are hundreds of models available on the market, and most of them are pretty similar to each other. However, the main problem is that a vast majority of those models are not worth the money. Most people don’t realize that and rush into a purchase regardless of the price. Consequently, they get a mediocre unit for a ridiculously high price.

If you’re planning to buy a leaf blower, feel free to check out our reviews, because we have covered the top five leaf blowers that are worth considering, and you won’t regret buying any of those models. All you have to do is read the reviews, make a decision, and that’s it. If you follow our advice, tips, and tricks, you should enjoy your new tool for years.

Greenworks 24012 – The Basics

This model is great for people with smaller yards. It has seven amps of power, and it can deliver air speeds of up to 160 miles per hour. Although it sounds pretty fast and powerful, it’s not quite suitable for big surfaces. Therefore, people who like lightweight corded blowers seem to enjoy this unit, while the ones who seek for power and endurance tend to skip this particular model.

As you can assume, it’s not designed for heavy duty jobs, but it will certainly clean up your front porch without much hassle. One of the best things about this particular model and electric models, in general, is the absence of pollution. In other words, electric leaf blowers are the most environment-friendly type.




The design is neat, but it’s far from impressive. The unit is ergonomic and easy to use, which are the two most important elements if you’re looking for efficiency and hassle-free cleanups. The safety cord lock comes in handy if you’re using extension cords. The principle is quite simple – when you lock the cord down onto the casing, it will prevent it from plugging itself out of the power socket.


This particular model is well-known for being among the quietest in the corded category. However, people often mix up the meaning of quiet and silent. Bear in mind; it isn’t a silent machine; it’s quiet in comparison to other models that are in the same category and price range. Some people don’t even use the ear protection while operating the Greenworks 24012. However, we strongly recommend that you take all precautionary measures before using any leaf blower.

Other Notable Features

The Greenworks 24012 features an electric start button. While it doesn’t sound like an impressive feature, it comes in handy. Instead of plugging it in and out every time you want to take a break, you can shut it down with a press of a button.

It has zero carbon emission. Although all electric blowers have a minor influence on the environment, this particular one has none! The Greenworks Company is well-known for top-notch products, and this one isn’t an exception.

What Did We Like?

  • The first thing you’ll notice about this unit is its weight. With only around 4 lbs. of weight, it feels like you’re holding a bag of groceries.
  • The cord lock feature is quite good, especially if you have a bigger yard. The fact that it doesn’t plug itself out of the socket every time you make a sudden move makes it pretty efficient, useful, and versatile.
  • The design is also pretty good, especially if you haven’t had any previous experience with leaf blowers.
  • Although these units aren’t complicated, some models tend to be more complex than others. However, this one is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is plug it in, press a button, and you’re ready for the job.

What We Didn’t Like?

  • The worse thing about this product is the fact that it cannot cover a large surface. While it’s possible in theory, it takes a lot of time due to the lack of air velocity. 160 miles per hour seems a lot, but when it’s translated into leaf blower’s standards, it’s borderline underwhelming. The 240 CFM is simply not enough for any large-scale area. In fact, 240 CFM is a pretty low volume of air moved.


Corded blowers are ideal for quick operations and cleanups. However, if you’re looking to process a big yard, you might want to keep searching because corded units won’t do the job efficiently.

The Greenworks 24012 is great for people who occasionally decide to blow some leaves. While it seems like a durable model, don’t expect it to last for decades because it won’t. However, people are satisfied with its performance. The company is well-known for producing quality products, and you don’t have to worry about the warranty conditions and the overall quality of production.

The biggest trump of this unit is its zero carbon emission. If you’re an individual who takes great care about the environment, this model is the right one for you. It packs more than enough features to satisfy most people, and it comes at an affordable price.